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Glenn's Denim

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Glenn's Denim on Heddels - October 2018

Will Varnam over at Heddels recently did a write-up on Glenn's Denim. An excerpt is below.  Click on the image above to go to and view the full article.

"We’re often drawn to the magic of denim and the stories attached to it. It’s a fabric which ages with the owner and develops a character of its own. It has depth and substance.

Glenn’s Denim exemplifies these qualities and does so with ambition, passion, and dedication. Glenn Liburd is an industry veteran with a 30-year career in the clothing world, a large part of which was spent with industry giants and heavyweights. From humble beginnings sweeping the floors of a denim factory in his home country of Trinidad, Liburd has since embarked on his lifelong ambition of making the world’s best jeans."

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