In addition to our ready-made collection of jeans, and denim jackets, we are able to accept custom orders, allowing you to have a truly personalized piece of Glenn's clothing, customized to your fit and design specifications.
Each custom garment is individually handmade by Glenn himself in our New York workshop, will be hand-signed and dated, and will bear our "green label" denoting a "Glenn's Benchmade" product. Where our ready-made collection is purely our creation and vision - the custom process allows you to collaborate with Glenn and create something unique and individual. Because of this, the process is never the same every time. So, the best way to start is by contacting us and letting us know what you are interested in creating, and we will get back to you to let you know if it is an order we can accept.
Below are some additional details about the process. But, please note each order is subject to review in terms of pricing, timeline, and feasibility:
  • CUSTOM JEANS:¬† starting at $695 / pair
  • CUSTOM DENIM JACKETS: starting at $795 / each
Generally, please allow 8 weeks from start to finish. Custom orders require at least two visits to our studio: once for initial fitting and consultation, and another time for try-on of the finished garment. However, some orders may require additional visits depending on the nature of the order.