A great pair of jeans begins with a great fabric.  So naturally, our process begins with the research and sourcing of the best possible cloth, and building close relationships with our fabric suppliers.  We are proud to be working with some of the last remaining denim weavers in the USA as well as some of the best weavers in Japan and Europe.  Many of our fabrics are woven exclusively for us, allowing us the ability to collaborate with the textile weaver and create something truly unique for our jeans.


America is the birthplace of denim. As an American denim company, we are dedicated not only to sewing our final products here in the USA, but to working with fabrics woven here in the USA whenever possible. These days, that's not an easy task. The once-flourishing textile manufacturing industry has nearly ceased to exist in the United States, and denim has been no exception. One-by-one, America's great denim fabric weavers have shuttered their operations, either moving overseas to cut costs, or closing all together, unable to compete on price with foreign competitors.

We're proud to say that nearly our entire collection is made from denim woven right here in the United States, sourced from some of the few remaining weavers still in operation.




At the end of 2018, Cone Denim, America's last and most famous weaver of traditional shuttle loom selvedge denim shut down its famed White-Oak mill in Greensboro, North Carolina, ending an era of industrial production of denim on traditional shuttle looms in the United States.


PICTURED:  Our 13 oz Classic Indigo Selvedge Denim, made exclusively for Glenn's in the USA


But, American selvedge denim is not extinct. We're proud to report that Glenn's Denim has been collaborating with a small, artisanal textile weaver in the United States to produce our very own exclusive denim in small batches on a Draper X3 shuttle loom.

That's right, folks. Glenn's Denim is now available in some of the only American selvedge denim available on the planet. You'll recognize it by our signature green and white selvedge on the edge, and of course, by it’s incredible character, natural irregularities, and incredible hand that only an these looms (and the skilled craftsman who know how to operate them) can produce. Our American selvedge fabrics are available in extremely limited runs.


The USA used to have dozens of textile mills, many of them specializing in denim and other rugged cotton fabrics. Most of them were scattered around the American south, proximate to the cotton growers that they relied on for their raw material. Today, there is only one major denim textile weaver left in this country, and we're proud to be working with them.

Their denims are woven on wide-width projectile looms—more modern, efficient, and thus lower cost to operate than the antique shuttle looms that we all love. As a result, our friends in Georgia produce a denim that is beautiful, hard-wearing, and authentically American, but at a more accessible price point than their shuttle loom counterparts. These are not selvedge fabrics, but they're 100% quality and 100% American. You'll see them offered in our Glenn's line at our most entry-level price point.